Monday, June 25, 2007

Al Gore should meet this guy

Tonight we went on a tour of campus with Brother Kevin, who came to the monastery 50 years ago as a high school student and never left. At the time he arrived, the monastery was located on what we would think of as a typical Oklahoma plain, bereft of anything much taller than grass. At the top is a picture of the monastery grounds around 1950, and the bottom picture is from tonight. The difference (besides the lack of an aerial view) is Brother Kevin, who has been planting things since he arrived here. I asked him tonight how many trees he had planted, and he said that between trees and shrubs, he has put about 1500 things in the ground. 1500. He knew about when he had planted most of them, how long they'd last, etc. It's absolutely amazing how one man has transformed the land that he lives on. This is someone who definitely has a positive carbon footprint, which is good, because my next item is about his motorcycle.

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