Monday, June 25, 2007

A question to you from one of the monks

Father Charles has put a question to our class that I would like to ask any readers to answer. He's responsible for identifying and helping recruit men to join the monastery and as he's putting together the materials he'll use, he wants to know what questions people might want answered about monastic life if they were interested. So let me ask you to answer in the comments two questions: 1) What would you want to know about Benedictine life if you were interested, and 2) What is it that would attract you to life in a monastery? To put it in a marketing context (if you'll forgive me for vulgarizing it) how should they market their way of life and once they got your interest, what would you want to know?

Tonight one of my classmates joked that he had told his wife that if the monks didn't take marriage so seriously that he might not be coming home. Once you've been here for a while, there's an amazing appeal to their way of life.

So please post your responses in the comments and I'll pass them along to Father Charles.


Jon said...

What I'd want to know:

The daily schedule including when the offices are said, when meals are taken, and what all else is done in a day. It might also be nice to hear about some of the brothers, but that sort of thing might be better handled by actually visiting the monastery.

The things that attract me to the monastic life are the pace of each day, the fascinating people, and the fact that it's a disciplined life, and the stability of the monastic life both in where one lives and in what ones does on a daily basis.


maximoog said...

I'd like to know:

Do you have any private space? i.e. do you share bedrooms?

Will i have time to pursue creative activities?

How involved can we get in the day-to-day pragmatics of keeping the place going?

What contact, if any, do we have with laypersons and family/friends?

What happens to infirm / venerable monks?

Is there internet access?

What, if any, private property can we have?

Do monks party?

maximoog said...

What about my cat?

I saved him from life in a cage and promised him a happy old age..its not his fault I've all monky.

maximoog said...

sorry that should say 'gone all monky' oops!

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