Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Another kind of silence

I had a chance to kick the ball around with a couple of my classmates this afternoon. A couple of the young Korean monks are putting together a soccer game on Thurday and I'm already trying to talk my way out of class -- I want to get the whole monastic experience! Really!

Anyway, as I was walking off the field tonight and saw the sun setting across the Oklahoma fields, it occurred to me that another form of silence we've lost touch with is the silence of awe. In a world of CNN and satellite media trucks, we've lost the ability to sit back and let the story of life unfold in front of us and just shut up and marvel at it. We have to explain, comment on it, describe it, and then pause for a commercial break. How often do we just sit in awe and wonder and be quiet? Maybe that lack of silence is a result of a fear that we'd actually have to contemplate the Creator behind whatever it is we are in awe of.

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