Tuesday, June 24, 2003

One napkin

There is so little waste in Benedictine life. When I go to the cafeteria at UTMB, I often grab a stack of napkins for my tray. Invariably I grab more than I need and end up throwing away what I don't use. Somehow, without any words, I picked up the idea that wasting napkins isn't a part of the culture here. I find myself grabbing one napkin and putting it on my tray. It's a little thing, I know, but it is reflective of the impact this place can have on the smallest of details.

One of the monks, Brother Kevin, made an entire fence out of the wings of an old B-52 bomber. He also built a motorcycle out of scrap parts and then drove it around the country. Some of these guys are just amazing.

I'll never be that creative. But maybe I'll use less napkins in the cafeteria.

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