Sunday, June 22, 2003

Made it okay

492 miles and 7.5 hours later, I've arrived safely. As I parked, I ran into my friend, Trish, who will be here this week. She dropped her daughter off in Dallas on the way -- she's really psyched about this.

There is a group of about 38 monks here from all around the country for two weeks. So I'm hoping we'll get to interact with them some. One of the, Brother Michael, from South Dakota, tried to help us find where to check in. He bowed his head as he greeted me, just like the rule calls for!

I left at about 7:45 this morning. Saw some interesting billboards on the way. One was for a rent-to-own tire company in Houston. Sounds like a weird business model to me, but I'd like to start by offering to rent the tire around my waist to anyone who wants it. In Dallas I saw a billboard for a company that specializes in cleaning up homicides and suicides. Really. I guess someone has to do it, but it kind of saddens me that there is enough work out there that someone actually needs to advertise.

Found a computer lab, let's hope it will be accessible all week.

Off to explore!

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