Monday, June 25, 2007

Recycled Grace

I've written about Brother Kevin before, (read the whole post) but at the time Youtube didn't exist and you couldn't embed pictures in blogger. So for the first time I give you photographs of his homemade motorcycle, Recycled Grace, which is made up of half an old Suburu engine, an Oldsmobile glove compartment, and various springs and pulleys that don't belong on a motorcyle. In case you are wondering where the seat is, he's got it off right now while he is trying to install a new gear box. Above is a picture of the motorcycle and a brief video with the engine running.

There are different kinds of geniuses in the world and Brother Kevin is one of them. One of the nice things about monastic life is that it actually provides ways for the monks to do what God made them to do, whether it is to be a priest or to be the mechanic for the Abbey.


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